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The end of The Note is actually a much bigger loss to the local hip hop scene, a sound to which DeRo seems to be allergic, explaining why he would not mention it's once prominent place in that scene. Of course, The Note's owners cut off hip hop there months back for no reason anyone clearly understood. (Apparently they wanted to compete directly with Estelles and Nick's for the late night crowd instead of offering something different.)

I've never seen a band at The Note, (good point about SubT there Ghost) but it'll be missed as a great late night spot to catch some of the city's best hip hop selectors.

Yvonne Doll

I agree...I have to say- Subt has great sound guys in there. It really is a great room. I've seen one or two shows at The Note, but it never had the vibe that Subt has.

Bill V

Good post, I can't remember the last time I was at the note. I've been to Subt more in the last couple of years than DD.

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